Phil Shoenfelt

Phil Shoenfelt is an English musician, poet and novelist who has lived in Prague since 1995. He is a veteran of the UK and New York punk and post-punk scenes, and during the early 1980’s was frontman for the New York band Khmer Rouge. To date he has had a total of 15 CDs released on various independent record labels. As well as these musical activities, Phil has had four books published: Junkie Love; The Green Hotel; Stripped – Book One; and Magdalena – Books One & Two (a collaboration with Kateřína Pin’osová). Junkie Love was first published in Czech translation as Feťácká Láska, and has become something of a cult book for Czech readers. The book was published for the first time in English by Twisted Spoon Press, and went on to win a Firecracker Alternative Book Award (NYC, 2002). At present, Phil is working on a trilogy of books called Stripped, set in late 70s/early 80s New York. Stripped is set against a backdrop of rock clubs like CBGBs, and the violent, drug-infested streets of Alphabet City, where the narrator lives with his striptease dancer wife. Sucked into a maelstrom of sex, heroin and bad behaviour, he questions everything and ends up believing in nothing. It’s a long way down to the bottom, and many bizarre and magical things happen en route. Phil’s writing has appeared in publications and collections such as Gargoyle, Prague Literary Review, The Return of Král Majáles, Optimism, Hele, Blatt, The Outlaw Poetry Network, From A Terrace In Prague, Erotika – Drogen und Sexualita, Apple Of The Eye, Morgana, Vlna and Vlak.

Phil Shoenfelt photo 7 (compressed) Zuzana Oplatková

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